MSI Client Testimonials



“…the Management, Skill and Imagination brought by all staff members exceeded our expectations. We told you we wanted a “wow factor” house and you over-delivered.

During this process we gained a trusted business partner and an enduring friendship. We confidently recommend (MSI) to anyone looking to build their dream home.”

– Bob and Shelley Lynch


“We are delighted to recommend to you your dream-home builder. As busy professionals with practically no time to spend overseeing a project we were looking for a worry-free delivery. We had so much fun with the project, that at the end of it, we were ready to build another home!

At the time, we had no idea how it all worked, but we had some friends whose dream-home projects ended up being nightmares. We were fortunate to choose Dan Mulrennan, owner of MSI Custom Homes, who made all the difference to the experience.

Dan is a tenacious perfectionist, with compulsive attention to details, demanding quality and timeliness from his team, not accepting anything less than a job well done. He has exemplary organizational skills and is honest to the bone. You can rely on his word; you can rely on his estimates, and you can rely on his allowances. He also demands discipline from the clients. We finished our project within $5000 of our estimate. And, he is a nice guy, too, who will most likely remain a good friend at the end of your project.

Finally, if you need any more proof that MSI delivers great projects, you are welcome to come and see ours!”

– Sabina and Markus Gapany


“This was by far the best experience we’ve ever had with a home remodeling project – both in terms of the process and the result! It was really a pleasure working with you, and we appreciate you taking on our job.”

 – Sarah M. Grauze

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